I’ve embedded below videos of some of the more interesting projects I’ve worked on. Drop me a note via the contact page to let me know what you think.

Self-Service Dynamics CRM solution on Microsoft Azure

This first one is a demonstration I gave during the Kirill Tatarinov’s keynote at the Convergence conference in Copenhagen a few years back. It’s a project demonstrating how self-service websites on Microsoft Azure integrate directly with Dynamics CRM and was built with the folks at Adxstudio (they’ve since been acquired by Microsoft).

Integrating line-of-business systems with productivity solutions and advanced data visualization

In the video below I show the business value of integrating Line of Business applications using Office 2007, Virtual Earth and Windows Presentation Foundation on Windows Vista. Specifically, the scenario follows along as a retail store operations manager uses personal productivity and team collaboration tools as well as advanced data visualization to make decisions about store lease renewals. Integration of information from disparate line of business systems directly into personal productivity tools such as Word and Outlook substantially increase information worker self-sufficiency and effectiveness driving individual impact. Collaboration tools that integrate line of business information to provide composite views of the business keep co-workers, partners and customers in sync. Advanced data visualization provides the right information to more people ensuring knowledge discovery and insight. This project was built together with the team at Accruent.

Data visualization healthcare prototype

Very cool stuff in the video below from the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference from a few years back. It’s a prototype of a couple of real-time patient monitoring applications. The first is WinForms based and interesting but the really cool stuff is in the 2nd part of the demo where I show the business value that Windows Presentation Foundation (originally code-named Avalon) brings to the healthcare world.