Research that Rocks

Category : Geeking Out, Personal
Date : October 28, 2004

I read an article today about some of the projects that Microsoft Research is working on that got me excited.

I have to admit I’m just average when it comes to taking photos.  When I first got into photography I was “all in”.  I bought an expensive 35mm camera.  I took courses.  I even developed my own negatives and made my own prints.  I was a total photo geek.  These days I have less time for that so I just want to be able to snap photos of my kids and stuff.  I want to be able to print them, post them to my website and email them and that’s about it.  I can do all that with a bunch of different products.  I’ve tried most of the more popular ones including Picasa and Photshop Album.  In the end the one I settled on was Digital Image Suite.  And for the past while, it’s been just fine. 

Lately I’ve been thinking that it’s not quite enough.  It’s getting harder to find the photos I want…  I have shoeboxes full of old photos that I no longer look at.  I’d like to move them to digital but it’s never that easy.  I want to get a more creative in how I show my photos.  things are looking up though

This morning I read about some of the very cool stuff that Microsoft has coming out of the labs.  As I read each one I kept saying to myself. “Man, I can use that now.”  This stuff just Rocks!  I can’t wait ’til some of it makes it into real product.  I may just become a photo geek again.