Blogging more

Category : Geeking Out
Date : December 20, 2004

Since I set up my blog I haven’t posted nearly enough.  Not that there’s a lack of things to blog about.  I often think of things but never get around to it.  I’ve decided that part of the problem is that it’s not that easy to go from idea to post.  In order to post to my msdn blog, I have to

  • Launch IE
  • Go to my blog
  • Enter admin mode
  • Open a new blog entry
  • Then edit away.

It’s relatively painless to do all that but it could (should?) be a whole lot easier.  I’ve heard that the vast majority of blogs that are set up are abandoned.  I think this is partly the reason.  Also, I don’t find web interfaces all that intuitive when it comes to entering and editing text.

I’ve been experimenting with a tool that should make it whole lot easier for me.  It’s called BlogJet and it’s essentially a smart client that know all about blogging.  It’s something that I can keep always at the ready.  When I have a blog idea I can drop it in there and keep refining it until I’m ready to post.  It has an intuitive UI that makes editing much more natural.  It also should be able to support off-line blogging for those times when I want to write but am not connected.  It epitomises for me what a Smart Client is all about.