Hey! I’m on channel 9

Category : Windows Vista
Date : September 6, 2005

Healthcare-3D-ScreenshotWhoa!  I was catching up on some blog reading and saw on Carter’s blog that Channel 9 posted a video of the heathcare app I’ve been working on for the past while.  It wasn’t supposed to be posted until after PDC but I guess Scoble was too excited to hold back. 

It’s very cool stuff.  It’s a prototype of a couple of real-time patient monitroing applications.  The first is WinForms based and interesting but the really cool stuff is in the 2nd part of the demo where I show the business value that Avalon… err Windows Presentation Foundation brings to the healthcare world.  The psoting says it’s for a user group conference but this was actually shown at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference.

Have a look.  Let me know what you think.