Windows Treo on Monday?

Category : Geeking Out
Date : September 23, 2005

3879877120031754Wow! The Windows Mobile 5 train is really picking up some steam.  There are all sorts of things happening.

First Orange announced the SPV M5000 (aka HTC Universal).Wow-ppc6700

Then Sprint announced the PPC-6700 (aka HTC Apache).

Now the rumor is that Palm is going to announce the Treo 700w on Monday.  That’s a Treo running Mobile 5!  Cool!  Apparently it’ll be on Verizon first.

Treo 700w


The feature set sounds interesting.  64MB of memory, EV-DO, and a one megapixel camera.  Palm took the opportunity to tweak the form factor as it’s also a little narrower than the Treo 650.