eBay, Amazon MIX it up

Category : Microsoft
Date : January 30, 2006

Flair_handMIX.06 will be the place to rub shoulders with some of the most influential folks on the web.  We’ve gone all out to ensure that this conversation is not one where we’re doing all the talking.  As Ray mentioned earlier, industry luminaries will keep the conversation going in the right direction.  We’ve also reached out to the who’s who of the web to ensure that the story is told without bias and from a partner’s perspective.  Some of the partners that I’ve been working with will be presenting.  Names you know like Amazon, eBay and PayPal.  These are the folks that are thinking about how to move some of the world’s largest and most popular site to the next web.

The next web will take us in lots of different directions.  In a world where sites have only the blink of eye to make an impression, the fidelity of the experience will be key.  When we are asked to remember different passwords for the hundreds of sites we visit and criminals are scamming us into giving those passwords up, security and identity will be key.  Finally when we have become so dependent on the web that we demand that the content and services to which we subscribe follow us around even when we don’t have a browser or even a PC in front us, it will be key to reach out to other parts of our desktops, out of the PC and into our living rooms or even to our mobile devices when we’re away from home or office.

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