WPF Healthcare Sample Source Posted

Category : Windows Vista, WinFX
Date : November 2, 2006

Wow!  We’ve posted the source code to the Patient Monitoring WPF prototype.  I’m sure this will be one of the top WPF sample applications for developers and designers.

Patient Monitoring PrototypeSome background for folks that have never heard of this app:  About 2 years ago I started working on a prototype that would demonstrate some of the coolness that is Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF, formerly codenamed “Avalon”). It was shown publicly for the first time at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in July 2005.

Since then it’s sort of taken on a life of its own.  It’s been shown at an incredible number of events both publicly and internally by myself and numerous others.  It’s even made it onto what we refer to internally as the Windows Vista Readiness Toolkit.  This is the standard toolkit that most Microsoft employees and some partners are using to demo Windows Vista.  So it’s sort of become one of the canonical Vista demos as well.

Since the very beginning the demo has helped many partners envision how an application might take advantage of some of most interesting new features in WPF and Vista.  Based on feedback I know that it’s done a great job of that.  Onthe other hand, one of the top requests has been from developers wanting access to the source code.  Rob Relyea even built a tutorial for building a portion of that app which he presented at PDC’05.  That was incredibly useful and whet the apetite of many developers.  Nothing beats having the full source code and that’s exactly what we’ve just posted publicly.

Kudos and thanks to Tim Sneath and Karsten Januszewski for making numerous changes to keep the code fresh and working with the many Windows Vista builds.