CRM 4.0 Reporting for Duty, Sir!

Category : CRM, Dynamics
Date : December 7, 2007

Whoops! I’ve been heads down working on something else and didn’t notice that Charles had posted the last of the four Channel 9 videos we recorded. 

CRM 4.0 on Channel 9 - ReportingIn this final segment, Phil Richardson and Barry Givens (both Senior Program Manager Leads) walk through Dynamics CRM Reporting with Rory (actually Phil kinda takes over here for a few minutes    ). Dynamics CRM takes full advantage of SQL Server Reporting Services (SRS) and takes it even farther by adding capabilities that even end-users can use. Barry and Phil walk through the end-user features but also show how you can take reports so much further by pulling them into Visual Studio Report Designer.

Have a look at the Channel 9 Video here:
CRM 4.0 Reporting with Barry Givens and Phil Richardson