CRM "Titan" Rocket Gets Nearer to Launch

Category : CRM, Dynamics
Date : August 31, 2007

OMG, the product team let another build of Dynamics CRM “Titan” escape!  Phil spilled the beans yesterday:

Last week our team signed off on our CTP3 release of Titan. Earlier this week we made it available to partners in our closed beta programs. If you are a partner in our Ascend/Metro or Pre-Release program please sign in to the Connect website and download the latest bits.

My team in Developer and Platform Evangelism is running an early access program for Microsoft managed ISV partners.  If you’re saying “Mmmm!!  Bright shiny new bits” then you should be calling your Partner Account Manager and asking them to invite you to join the Titan Metro program.  Come download the bits; we’ll make more!  If you’re not yet a managed ISV partner you’ll have to hold on just a little longer.

FYI: We’ll soon be opening up access to Titan (bits or VPC) to a wider partner audience. Unfortunately I can’t help more partners be admitted to the current programs. If you aren’t in one the pre-release programs already you’ll have to hang on just a bit longer for Titan.

Titan CTP3 (Philip Richardson )