Upside Software: A Titan among ISV’s

Category : CRM, Dynamics
Date : September 6, 2007

All this week I’m highlighting some of the early adopters of Dynamics CRM “Titan”.  For your enjoyment, today I’m showcasing Upside Software. 




Upside Software develops and markets contract lifecycle management (CLM) software solutions that seamlessly integrate customer relationship management (CRM) with the contract lifecycle. The company is a Microsoft® Gold Certified Partner in a worldwide network of independent software vendors (ISVs) that sell, implement, and support business management software for Microsoft Dynamics™.

Upside Software serves customers around the world in every industry with its multi-language and multi-currency CLM software called UpsideContract. The company developed the software to let sales staff and corporate legal counsel participate together in the contract negotiation and ratification process.

Ashif Mawji, CEO and President of Upside Software, states, “In the past, typically, a salesperson worked in a CRM program throughout the engagement. But once a deal closed, she or he was often out of the loop. During the contract phase, the salesperson might not be able to see upsell opportunities or potential issues, or lend valuable insight.” When introduced to the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, code named “Titan,” Mawji saw an opportunity to involve salespeople in—and significantly streamline—the contract process.

Working with a pre-release version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM “Titan,” a small team of programmers is creating a new version of UpsideContract CLM that will integrate with and extend the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

UpsideContract for Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a web-based, enterprise-level CLM solution that streamlines commitment management, including optimization of the sales and supplier contracts. The solution is an integral part of the overall customer and supplier relationship management. Now, the salesperson can see and participate in the contract process.

The Upside Software programmers are relying on iframes to develop the application. Iframes are a client extension feature that programmers can use to insert a Web page within a Microsoft Dynamics CRM–based form. Doing so exposes custom functionality within the form. Mawji states, “Iframes help us avoid countless hours of development work.” UpsideContract for Microsoft Dynamics CRM will be released shortly after Microsoft releases Microsoft Dynamics CRM, code named “Titan.”

Check out the solution brief.