geekSpeak’ing with Aaron Elder

Category : CRM, Dynamics
Date : October 10, 2007

Lynn and Glenn from Channel 9’s geekSpeak show will be interviewing Aaron Elder from Ascentium.  This looks like it’ll be an interesting interactive webcast on custom development with the Dynamics CRM platform.

For those that don’t know Aaron he was one of the original engineers on Dynamics CRM.  He did some good work on a product called iCommunicate that Microsoft acquired in 2001.  He left Microsoft to help found Invoke Systems in order to focus on building systems on the CRM platform.  Invoke was recently acquired by Ascentium.  Aaron is now Chief CRM Architect for Ascentium as well as a CRM MVP. 

I’m sure he’ll have some interesting insights on developing with Dynamics CRM.  He’ll probably have some nice tidbits on Titan as well. This is an interactive webcast (no scripted demos or marketing decks here!) so be sure to register so that you can ask your questions and join the conversation.

To register for this event:  MSDN Webcast: MSDN geekSpeak: Custom Development on Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Aaron Elder (Level 200)