"Giving Workflow Foundation something to do"

Category : CRM, Dynamics
Date : November 20, 2007

ch9-workflowLast week, I pointed out a few Channel 9 segments on the soon-to-be-released Dynamics CRM 4.0.  Another installment was published today that gives a great overview of how Workflow Foundation is used in CRM 4.0.  This was my favorite of the segments.  That may be because I got to be in front of the camera  interviewing Praveen Upadhyay (Program Manager for Dynamics CRM Workflow).

Praveen breaks the CRM workflow investments into 3 basic areas: Making Workflow substantially easier for the end-user, Providing a rich framework for business logic construction and leveraging the power of Windows Workflow Foundation

I like to think of CRM as “Giving Workflow Foundation something to do.”  Where do I come up with these?

Have a look at the video here: