Office Developers Conference – Demoing CRM Online

Date : June 4, 2008

Back in February I had the opportunity to demo CRM Online to a few thousand developers during Kurt DelBene’s keynote at the Microsoft Office System Developer Conference in San Jose.  Girish, a team member, has been working on a cool new CRM demo and I was able to show a few snippets of it.  I’ve posted the video so you can have a look at the demo where I show some of the customization possibilities in CRM and then some scenarios around SharePoint and Microsoft Office integration.  It’s pretty short at 8 minutes or so.  Have a look below.  You can see the rest of the keynote on the OBA Central site but unfortunately it’s kinda small postage-stamp sized.  BTW, this is only a small part of the demo so I’m sure Girish will have a lot more to say (and show) on this.  Stay tuned.

I’ve used the Silverlight Streaming service so you’ll need to have Silverlight installed to view this.  If you do have Silverlight installed just go ahead and click on the video above.  Let me know what you think in the comments below.