Dynamics AX 2009: A chat with Hal Howard, Mike Ehrenberg, Sukumar Rathnam

Category : Dynamics, Dynamics AX
Date : June 16, 2008


A couple of weeks back the Dynamics AX team announced general availability of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009.  While the team was basking in the glow of a job well done I grabbed a few folks for a chat.  In this Channel 9 video I sit down with Hal Howard, Mike Ehrenberg and Sukumar Rathnam.  Hal is the General Manager for Dynamics ERP (he runs the R&D for all ERP products at Microsoft).  Mike is senior architect for the entire Dynamics team.  He’s also a Microsoft Distinguished Engineer. Sukumar is Architect for Dynamics AX.

In our short chat we talk about a lot of different topics.  Of course, Dynamics AX is an ERP product and there are numerous new features for customers using the product (literally hundreds of new features actually).  For this chat we focused completely on the ISV and SI developer experience.  Dynamics AX 2009 takes a major step forward in integrating itself into the Microsoft stack.  That includes deep integration of web services with Windows Communication Foundation, process workflow with Windows Workflow Foundation, storage, reporting and business intelligence with SQL Server, a brand new role-tailored user experience in either a rich client built entirely in .NET or a web client built entirely in SharePoint/ASP.NET, and finally tight integration of unified communication with Office Communication Server/Office Communicator.  I definitely need to dive into some of these in more detail.  Look for more Ch9 videos on these topics soon.

I think Sukumar said it best: “Grab Windows Server 2008;  Go get SQL Server 2008; Get Visual Studio 2008, Add AX 2009 and go party with it.  Go write some code.”

BTW, this is my first Channel 9 video where I’m behind the camera.  That’s especially evident at the very beginning of the video. 

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Have a look at the video here: