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Date : June 16, 2008

In my post about the Microsoft Silicon Valley vanpool I mentioned how podcasts saved my sanity while driving in the heavy traffic.  One of the other vanpoolers mentioned that I should blog the podcasts I listen to (Thanks Yvonne).  So here I am on my ride blogging again.  This could get to be a habit.

Having more time to write can be a bad thing. ;)  I started writing this post and before I knew it it had become a 2000 word mega-post. :O  That’s not exactly what I had in mind.  Personally I prefer to read posts that are short and sweet.  So with that in mind I’m going to split this into a series of posts on the subject.  In this series, I’ll try to put some structure around the podcasts I listen to regularly.

I guess I’ve just subscribed to too many of these.  That’s no big deal.  There’s no law that says you have to watch all of these.  At first I did feel guilty if I fell behind in a series but I’m so over that.  There’s just so much out there to watch or listen to that all you can do is pull together the stuff that interest you and see what happens.

Today’s post is about the Technology Podcasts I listen to.  See my other posts about Entertainment, Startups, Miscellaneous and Video podcasts.


Technology Podcasts

In the morning when my mind is fresh I like to listen to the tech stuff I’m passionate about. Day to day I work on Dynamics mostly but I haven’t been able to find a podcast on that yet.  If you know of one post a comment below.  The stuff I have a secret passion about is mobile technology so I listen to:

  • MobileTechRoundup
    • Folder84This one is a bunch of guys that get together and chat abut the goings on in the mobile world.  Actually I think they live all over the place and just get together to chat via voip and record that so we can all listen in.  There’s no particular agenda as far as I can see.  They just chat about anything related to mobility.  It can get slow at times as they repeat themselves or talk about stuff I don’t particularly care about.  Of course, the beauty of podcasts is you can fast-forward anytime you want.  This one is quite long often going about an hour or so.


  • MoDaCo WinMo Week
    • Folder85MoDaCo WinMo Week is very similar to MobileTechRoundup but they focus specifically on Windows Mobile.  They are also run the Modaco web site which is a treasure trove of Windows Mobile related information and code.  This podcast can get very technical.  Interestingly, they seem to have a deal going with Expansys so they are constantly cycling through different devices.  This gives them the ability to do regular in depth reviews after having lived with devices for a few weeks. Also long at about an hour. 




So what do you think?  Do you like these?  Are there others that you recommend?  Leave your comments in the area provided below.