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Category : Geeking Out
Date : June 18, 2008

In my post about the Microsoft Silicon Valley vanpool I mentioned how podcasts saved my sanity while driving in the heavy traffic.  One of the other vanpoolers mentioned that I should blog the podcasts I listen to (Thanks Yvonne).  So here I am on my ride blogging again.  This could get to be a habit.

Having more time to write can be a bad thing. ;)  I started writing this post and before I knew it it had become a 2000 word mega-post. :O  That’s not exactly what I had in mind.  Personally I prefer to read posts that are short and sweet.  So with that in mind I’m going to split this into a series of posts on the subject.  In this series, I’ll try to put some structure around the podcasts I listen to regularly.

I guess I’ve just subscribed to too many of these.  That’s no big deal.  There’s no law that says you have to watch all of these.  At first I did feel guilty if I fell behind in a series but I’m so over that.  There’s just so much out there to watch or listen to that all you can do is pull together the stuff that interest you and see what happens.

Today’s post is about the startup podcasts I listen to.  See my other posts about Technology, Entertainment, Miscellaneous and Video podcasts.

Startup Podcasts

Silicon Valley where I live is the land of startups.  I listen to a couple of podcasts to keep up with some of the news and trends of what’s going on.  The two I listen to are:

  • Venture Voice
    • Folder72This one is ok. I find the interviews a little tedious and they don’t go into a lot of depth.  Still some of the interviews have been interesting so I keep listening.  This podcast is mainly done on the east coast so doesn’t really meet my criteria for learning about what’s going on in the valley.  On the other hand, startups are startups no matter where they start.  Culturally, I find it interesting that there’s a different feel to startups from different parts of the world.  Ultimately, I can learn from the experiences of all type of entrepreneurs.


  • VentureCast
    • Folder75VentureCast is quite good.  David Hornick has been around the valley for a while and done quite a few deals so it’s interesting to hear his point of view on what’s going on.  Craig Syverson doesn’t have as much experience with startups so he’s perfect in the role as interviewer where he asks questions that often bring the conversation back to basics.  Interesting.  Craig comes from the media world and does an incredible job in putting these together.  The sound quality is very very good. They seem to be on hiatus as they haven’t posted a new episode since January. 


So what do you think?  Do you like these?  Are there others that you recommend?  Leave your comments in the area provided below.