CRM Mobility News

Date : July 3, 2008

TenDigits I noticed this morning that our Dynamics CRM team signed an alliance with TenDigits.  Reading the press release, that’s pretty cool.  Actually, there seems to be lots of goodness to go around here.

I know… TenDigits is known for their Blackberry work and we do tend to be biased toward Windows Mobile.  I know, it’s shocking.  🙂  On the other hand, there’s no question that the RIM Blackberry is not going away just yet.  In North America and particularly in Financial Services they’re still doing well.  The TenDigits deal addresses the needs of Dynamics CRM customers who need Blackberry support. In addition to being a Microsoft Gold Certified partner, TenDigits is a RIM Preferred ISV Partner.  They’ve been doing this stuff for a while so they are definitely qualified here.  Besides, they’re Canadian. 😉  This net of it is that this deal is all about doing the right thing for our customers.

Another great piece of news from this press release is that TenDigits will soon support Windows Mobile!   In fact, it sounds like they’ll be releasing the Windows Mobile and Blackberry solutions at the same time.  Alright!  Now we’re talking.  I can’t wait to give that a spin.

But wait there’s more… If you keep reading you’ll note that we’ve also announced that CRM Mobile Express will soon be available (Q3) in beta for CRM 4.0.  CRM Mobile Express is the thin client solution that is usable on any HTML-compliant mobile phone with an Internet connection.

So there you have it lots of good mobility news for you today.  I should mention that TenDigits is not the only mobility solution for Dynamics CRM.  We do have other ISV partners and each of them has their own value proposition.  I have a particular passion for mobility so I’m taking a mental note to myself to go hunt down some of the other solutions and blog those as well.  Maybe I can get some of them on video at WPC next week.  Stay tuned… Going Mobile! <queue Who song>