Mobility Response Team

Category : Geeking Out, Mobility
Date : July 17, 2008

PIC-0035 - CopyWhile walking over to a keynote session at the Worldwide Partner Conference last week in Houston I did a double-take.  Then I walked back across the street and had to laugh out loud (and grab a couple of shots with my camera phone).   That’s right; the traffic cop directing traffic had the words “Mobility Response Team” emblazoned across his back.

PIC-0036 - CopyI couldn’t help but think, “Hey!  We got one of those working on Windows Mobile 7”.

I’d forgotten about these photos until I was playing with the latest Live Mesh bits that showed up this morning.  The team gave a first very early peek into the mobile story.  It’ll be nice when my photos just automatically show up on my laptop a few minutes after I take them.  That piece of the Mesh story hasn’t shown up yet.

BTW, in case you’re wondering what the hell a Mobility Response Team (I know I was), it’s some kind of fancy-pants traffic control.  Like a SWAT team for congestion.   

BBTW, the Samsung Blackjack II has a pretty decent camera.  The performance of the phone is pretty good too.  I was able to decide I wanted a shot, pull out my phone and grab it fast.  The image quality is decent also; especially when outdoors in plenty of light.  (indoors?  not so much…)