Another CRM Development book hits the shelves

Category : CRM, Dynamics CRM
Date : August 15, 2008

BookFront David “Mr. Dave” Yack sent me a copy of his latest project this week.   Dave’s written a book on developing with the Dynamics CRM called “CRM as a Rapid Development Platform.”  I haven’t had a chance to read through all 700 pages, as I just got it a couple of days ago, but it looks darn good.

Dave’s a smart guy.  He did quite a bit of training for us when we were out helping ISVs get an early start on Dynamics CRM 4.0 development.  His survey scores consistently came back really high.  A sure sign that he knows his stuff and knows how to teach others.

He also helped to write the CRM ISV development white paper we released not that long ago.

There’s lots more information about his book over at the book web site.

What you’ll find inside:

  • What’s new in CRM 4.0 for users and developers.
  • How to setup a development environment to be more productive.
  • A detailed look at client side development,  including advanced customizations and Silverlight   2.0 integration
  • How to use the dynamic SOA Web Services, including detailed reusable how to’s.
  • Explanations of using the Metadata API to read and update metadata, including the Multi Language capabilities.
  • How to build .NET Plug-ins that extends the platform, including several reusable examples.
  • Deep exploration of Windows Workflow Foundation customization, including building .NET custom activities.
  • Jump Start Framework – Thousands of lines of .NET code to help with Authentication, Plug-ins,  and Workflow Activities.