Brad Wilson on "How Microsoft plans to make its mark in CRM"

Category : Dynamics CRM
Date : December 2, 2008

brad_wilson I loved this interview with Brad Wilson from the CRM team.

A few choice quotes: has a single operating model, which is that you rent it from them forever.  Our software comes with a choice of either having an on-demand subscription offering or buying the software. If you talk to analysts today, they will tell you that, of all the CRM in use throughout the world, probably about 90 percent is deployed on the premises. We want to give our customers the choice. Whether you want to go on-premises or to a cloud-based offering, the choice is yours.


For us, it is a single codebase. It’s literally the same software running.  There is no difference between on-premise or on the network. The only difference is how long your network cable is. I think sometimes people get too caught up in it. The world is not really binary.

Read the full interview here:
How Microsoft plans to make its mark in CRM –


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