Major News: Dynamics CRM gets the X

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Date : March 31, 2009

Update:  Just kidding!  As many people quickly figured out from the many clues in the text and the date on the calendar this was just and amusing April Fool’s joke on my part.  It was amusing wasn’t it? 

The news article below was leaked to me a couple of hours ago.  I haven’t been able to confirm the details but the story could be so huge that I just had to share it here.   This will likely get posted to the CRM Every Day site later today

Dynamics CRM gets the X; Team follows in support

By Sidd Finch, CRM Every Day

We’re hearing news out of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM team that some major changes are coming in April.  Our sources tell us that the entire Dynamics CRM team will be redirected to focus exclusively on xRM.  There appears to be unanimous support from the product team; in a show of solidarity they have all substituted X’s in their own names.

“It just seemed like the right thing to do.  With over 15,000 customers and 750,000 users of the Dynamics CRM product, we were looking for a new challenge,” said Brax Xilson, xRM General Manager.  “And this only required that we change one character.  I could make that change myself in Microsoft Word.”

“xRM is like Visual Basic for behind the firewall line-of-business web applications.  Unfortunately, the VB team was pretty adamant that we not use their name.  So we had a 3-day leadership team bonding and strategy offsite to review our options,” noted Xill Xatterxon, xRM Product Management “Between you and me, after 3 days with those guys, I would have voted for any letter except ‘C’.  I think we came up with a really cool name.  Now we need a cool campaign to go along with it. What do you think about ‘I am xRM’ ?”

It appears the decision still needs some work before it becomes final.  “We’ve assembled a group of consultants to help us decide whether the “x” should be upper or lower case and which font best expresses the brand spirit,” commented Bryxan Xielxon, xRM Product Marketing.  “These are the best consultants around.  We know that because they’re from out of town.”

“I’m not as concerned about the name.  I know we have a winner here,” remarked ChriXian Pederxen, xRM Product Planning.  “What I love is that we’ll be able to release a new product without having to add any new features.  How cool is that?”

We checked with numerous sources around the Microsoft Dynamics campus in Bellevue, XA.  Apparently some of the team still needs some convincing.  “We’ve had the platform in the product since day 1.  In fact, we have thousands of ISVs, VARs and SIs using the platform today.  Why should we change the name now?  Those marketing guys are totally xxxxed,” grumbled Xandrew Xyxee, xRM Program Manager Lead.  “And stop calling me Xandy!”

A spokesman from a unidentified competitor in the San Francisco Bay Area at first declined to comment but later provided the following prepared statement: “xRM doesn’t exist.  We’ve already designed a No-xRM symbol.  So that proves it right there.”


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