Virtually XRM

Category : Dynamics CRM
Date : March 25, 2009

image The good folks at Colorado Technology Consultants (Julie and David Yack) have kicked off a project to build a community around the Dynamics CRM line-of-business application platform (aka XRM).  “The XRM User Group is for the professional XRM developer community” and is free to join and participate.  The website is now up and running.  It’s interesting to note that the site is built entirely on Dynamics CRM Online and Windows Azure by ADXSTUDIO.  Talk about practicing what you preach.  :)  As I mentioned joining is free but you have to do it now before they run out of bits (ok, I made that part up :)).  All it takes to join is signing in to the site with your Windows Live Id.

They’re kicking off with a presentation later this week by Bryan Nielson.  Bryan is Director of Product Marketing on the Dynamics CRM team and the guy on the team that’s been tasked with helping the world understand our message around XRM.  The session sounds really interesting so I’ll be watching.  I hope to see your there (virtually that is).

Introduction to XRM:  Redefining how businesses should build, buy, and use LOB business applications

When: Friday, Mar 27, 2009 12:00 PM (PDT) (UTC-7)

Duration: 1:00

For business and technical professionals who still need to still get their work done, faster and better.  Learn how you can use XRM to rapidly create and deploy a wide variety of custom line of business applications, each uniquely designed to fit any part of your business, all on a single platform.  With the XRM LOB business application platform, experience how quickly data schemas can be modeled, business processes can be automated and comprehensive changes can be made without IT release cycles, which will help you optimize productivity, reduce costs and increase business agility across your business and IT organizations.