Dynamics Duo: Silverlight and Jazz Hands

Date : June 19, 2009

NineGuy Ok; so maybe I got a little overexcited in the final installment to this 5-part series.  <Jazz Hands!> This time around we spend time talking about how to use Silverlight to build experiences that will compel users to want to come back again and again while differentiating your application from those of your competitors.

In this episode we spend most of our time in the part of the demo related to the conference attendee portal.  The portal is meant to be the place where returning attendees go to review information about the conference (maps, weather, schedule, travel ,etc).  This would be similar to a SharePoint page but built with a consumer in mind so including animations, drag and drop and generally having more sizzle. <Jazz Hands!>

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Channel 9: Dynamics Duo: Silverlight and Jazz Hands

The information in the modules is coming directly from Dynamics CRM Online via web service calls.  That information is data-bound to the Silverlight controls we used to allow users to display and manipulate that information.  The ecosystem around Silverlight is exploding and as result there is a wide variety of controls that can be used to accelerate the design and development of solutions.  In our case, much of the UI work on the attendee portal is based on a control built by a team led by Martin Grayson.  Have a look at the various other controls available in the suite on the Blacklight showcase site. The full source code is available on CodePlex.  Nice work on these, Martin! <Jazz Hands!>  As we discussed in the last episode the separation of code and UI makes is easy for developers and designers to work together to build something cool really fast.

Girish promised to share the code for this on his blog here.

Watch in the embedded viewer above or on Channel 9:


This episode is part of a 5-part series.  In this series we’ve tried to explain how you can combine the Microsoft Web Platform with Dynamics CRM to quickly build and deploy self-service solutions.  The full set of videos include:

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Both Girish and I enjoyed recording this series.  We hope you enjoyed them as well.  If you have comments or suggestions for other topics, feel free to add comments below or email Girish or me (Ben) directly.


Sorry if I went a little over the top with all that Jazz Hands thing.  <Jazz Hands!>