Dynamics CRM Blogs

Category : Dynamics CRM
Date : December 7, 2009

Billboard_Feed_Add_512x512 I had been maintaining a list of Dynamics CRM-related blogs that I tried to read on a regular basis.  I thought I’d make that list available to folks in the community as I’m sure others will find that interesting.  I haven’t been maintaining this since I moved out of the Dynamics world a few months ago.  These are primarily developer-focused.  By that I mean they are mostly blogs that discuss developer CRM/xRM topics as opposed to end-user CRM topics. 

I’ve divided these into the following categories:

  • Microsoft Employee Blogs
  • Community Blogs
  • Non-English blogs

I’ve put this into an OPML file so that you can import it into pretty much any modern RSS feed reader.  You can grab the OPML file here: