Windows Azure Lessons Learned: Kelley Blue Book

Category : Windows Azure
Date : December 7, 2009

WinAzure_h_rgbAs I mentioned, over the past few months I’ve been working on a number of activities related to the Windows Azure Platform.  In particular, I’ve been working with several partners as we prepared for the PDC’09 conference.  While we were preparing for the conference we welcomed a few partners to a deep-dive event in Redmond where they did some architectural reviews and met with various members of the product team in the final sprint to releasing solutions.  While they were in Redmond I took advantage to record a few videos for Channel 9.

Kelley Blue Book stands out as they were featured on the main stage during Bob Muglia’s keynote on day 1 of PDC (Andy comes on at about 1:27).  In this video with Andy Lapin, Director of Enterprise Architecture spent a few minutes showing off the site and then discussing some of the lessons the KBB team learned as they ported their site from a hosted facility to the Windows Azure Platform.

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Channel 9: Azure Lessons Learned: Kelley Blue Book