Windows Azure Lessons Learned: Invensys

Category : Windows Azure
Date : December 21, 2009

In this episode of Windows Azure Lessons Learned I chat with Paul Forney, System Architect for Invensys and Aleksey Savateyev, Senior Architect in Microsoft’s Global ISV group working with Invensys.  Invensys is well known for industrial automation and control systems.  They’ve been working to develop a system for the power industry to manage the large network of smart meters that will be used to build out smart grids delivering electricity from suppliers to consumers.  To do this Invensys is using Windows Azure AppFabric (formerly called “.NET Services”).  The AppFabric Service Bus is the magic that allows this type of application.  It allows those meters not only to connect across the cloud to on-premises systems but also does it a way that can scale to the millions of homes and businesses that will form the smart grids.

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Channel 9: Windows Azure Lessons Learned: Invensys