Introducing: Top Ranked

Date : January 9, 2012

TopRankedWith this post I’m introducing a new series of videos I’m producing which called Top Ranked.  In this series I’ll present various topics that will be of interest to developers building on the Windows Phone platform.  My aim is to provide short videos on topics that will help you raise the quality of your apps and hopefully at the same time raise the ranking of your apps in the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Over the past couple of years I’ve worked with many different partners and agencies building apps for Windows Phone.  I’ll try and share some of the things I’ve learned.  I’ll also pull from the many people and resources we have within Microsoft.  I may even pull in

I’ll explore across a range technical, design and marketing topics.  Again, my goal is to give you a little something in each episode that will raise the quality of your app or help you raise the visibility of your app.

I’ll do my best to keep these videos very short.  By that I mean that each one will be 15 minutes or shorter.   If an episode looks like it will go longer than that I’ll try And break it up into smaller more digestible topics.

If you have questions about the videos, or about problems or issues you’re hitting or if you have topics that you think would be of interest to other devs on the Windows Phone platform then drop me a note. I’d be particularly interested in hearing about some of the best practices you’ve adopted that you think have raised your quality or your ratings/ranking in the Marketplace. I’ll be sure to give full credit and link love whenever I can.

The Top Ranked series is hosted on Channel 9.  You can subscribe to the episodes via Zune or iTunes.  All that is available here:

You can drop me a note via the contact form on my blog here:

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