Top Ranked: Supporting all Markets

Date : January 9, 2012

Note: This video is the first in the series so I spend some time at the beginning introducing myself and the goals for the series.  To get directly to the content in this episode skip to about the 4:00 mark. 

When we launched the Windows Phone platform we released initially for the EFIGS (English, French, Italian, German and Spanish) markets.  In all that was about 16 markets.  With Mango we added a bunch more and just a few days ago we added another few.  We’re now up to 41 markets worldwide where as a developer you can choose to make an app available. 

Since we cannot know what the rights are, related to your app, we cannot just publish your app to new markets as those markets come on-stream.  In order for an app to made available in these new countries you will have to go into your App Hub account and cross-submit every time new markets come online.  I am surprised at how many apps don’t do this.  I suspect many developers don’t even know that they have to do this.  It’s such an easy thing to do that I thought I would do this as part of the first episode.

It may be easy but if you stay on top of it you may find that you get a nice boost in downloads as new markets come online since you’ll be there first.  Rather than try to describe what needs to be done go ahead and watch the video (topic starts at about the 4:00 mark).

More viewing options including HQ video are available here.  The complete Top Ranked Series is available here.

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