I think I’m turning European

passportI spent the last 2 weeks traveling through various countries through Europe talking to developers of all kinds.  The whirlwind tour through 7 countries in 14 days gave me an opportunity to hear many ideas and concerns and to learn about what developers are out there building. 

If you attended one of the events where I was speaking, thank you so much for your participation.  I enjoyed every single one of those.  There was a ton of great comments and questions.  Clearly, there is some passion out there for development on Windows Phone.

Over the last week of the tour I focused mostly on Windows Phone 7.5 Refresh at events in Denmark, Finland, Austria and Italy. At those events I gave an update of Windows Phone 7.5 Refresh.  I also provided some developer guidance for devs who are building apps and provided some info on how to optimize apps to adapt to the new requirements of lower end devices.  To encourage developers to take advantage of the many new countries and languages we now support, I also provided an overview of how to localize apps .  Finally I gave you some tips on publishing and more importantly some guidance on how to make a bigger impact with the apps you’re publishing.

I promised to post my slides for those events so I’ve now made those available for you to download.  I’d love to hear feedback about the events, any topics I presented or any other issues you may have hit.

Feel free to let me know your thoughts via the comments below or via private message using the blog contact form.

And finally for those wondering, I can say that the puppy is safe and soundOpen-mouthed smile