Important Microsoft Edge URLs for Devs

Category : Microsoft Edge
Date : August 7, 2015

Developer Portal

  • The Microsoft Edge Developer Portal.  The place to go for all things developer-related

Platform Status

Developer Blog


Testing for Compatibility

Preview Builds
Dev Tools
  • Virtual Machines for Mac, Linux and Windows
  • Remote Test on Mac, iOS, Android, Windows and Phone
  • Scan your web site for out-of-date libraries, layout issues and accessibility
  • See how your site renders across 9 common browsers and devices
Bing Webmaster Tools


Feedback and support


Learn More

Microsoft Edge Web Summit 2015

The team behind Microsoft Edge presents the latest updates to the Microsoft Edge roadmap, the EdgeHTML rendering engine, the Chakra JavaScript engine, and F12 dev tools.  Also includes a lineup of Microsoft and guest speakers sharing their expertise on modern web technologies like ES6, SVG, WebGL, Web Audio, Hosted Web Apps, IE11, and testing best practices on Mac and Linux.

Interoperable Web Development – Hands-on Labs

How to Debug a Website with Internet Explorer F12 Tools (Microsoft Virtual Academy)