Picking up the guitar

Category : Guitar
Date : July 30, 2023

About 18 months ago I started learning to play the guitar.

I’ve wanted to learn how to play since I was a kid but I could never justify to myself buying a guitar, as it always felt like a whim that I would get over. And then, when I quit, I’d have a guitar sitting in a closet mocking me every time I noticed it.

Ibanez RX-20 guitar
Ibanez RX-20

My son visited us in December 2021. He drove down from B.C. in order to grab a bunch of his stuff to take home with him. He had left a couple guitars with us when he went off to college and when he left this time he took the acoustic guitar with him but decided against taking the electric. He asked that we give it away as he felt it was not worth much.

And that was it. I had a free guitar. A guilt-free guitar that I could use. The guitar he left me was a Ibanez RX-20. It’s a nice looking guitar; basically a Fender Stratocaster knock-off with dual humbucker pickups. Using the serial number I was able to figure out that it was built in Korea by Cort in 1994. None of that mattered. What mattered was that it was enough to get me going.

I did some basic research online and with friends and found many mentions of Justin Sandercoe’s excellent justinguitar.com. So, since sometime in early 2022, I’ve been working my way through the free guitar course there.

It has been slow going and I’ve had to reset a couple of times but I’ll leave that for future posts.

Start your own guitar journey here: https://www.justinguitar.com